Nestled among the soaring hills....

A wildlife sanctuary, Earthstar is a place to retreat and connect with nature. The activities supported on these ancestral lands aim at educating people primarily in earth based sciences and practices conveying earth Wisdom and Knowledge that protect the rights of the earth.

Enjoying time here allows people to reconnect with themselves, others and to the natural world through various workshops and classes and also by modeling lifestyle principals centered around conservation and deep ecology. The land surrounding the center is dedicated open space and protected by a conservation easement.

A migration corridor for many birds and mammals adds to the scenic qualities among the Gambel Oaks, Pinyon/Juniper woodands, schrub/grasslands and majestic Ponderosa forests.  Many arrow heads have been discovered on the property evidence of the rich hunting grounds that are present. Elk, Bald Eagle, Bear, Mountain Loin, Deer, Fox and wild Turkeys are frequent cohabitants. The riparian woodland vegetation provides important ecological cover and forage for wildlife. There is also a burro canyon with a perennial stream providing an important source of water for local wildlife.