Earthstar’s cuisine is sooo delicious and healthy, you may never want to leave. It feels like its prepared full of love as well as nutritious and healthy.

I travel to many retreat centers for my work, and yet Earthstar’s cuisine feels unique and is one of the highlights of being there. We had eggs and bacon one morning and a super potent green smoothie the next. All meals are full of protein and veggies, just what I like.

Earthstar caters to all healthy diets and food allergies and requests. Conscious cuisine at its very best!
— Rebecca W.

Earthstar is a sanctuary! My favorite place to go to hit the ‘reset’ button. The food, the mountains, and the workshops create safe space for me to put aside the troubles and technologies of everyday life, and get back in touch with who I really am.
— Joshua H.

I recently had the Veggie Stir Fry with Coconut Rice at the Embody retreat and it was deliciously filling. Can’t wait to try it at home.
— Julie J.
I had such an amazing experience with you and everyone else among the pines! I had a dream about them the other night and it left me feeling lonesome for the forest. Thank you again for the amazing food!
— Allison B.