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CEO / Founder Quest

Work/werk/ n: an opportunity for discovering and shaping; the place
where the self meets the world

~on the cover of the book, Crossing the Unknown Sea: Work as a Pilgrimage of Identity
by David Whyte

Are you in the midst of a major life change and feeling alone in that quagmire of feelings? 

Are you longing for more meaning in your personal or professional life?  

Or are you already in the midst of the turmoil and excitement of a business or role transition?

If so, come join us…

This quest is truly a one-of-a-kind experience to support startup CEO’s, founders and other leaders who are confronted with personal and professional questions that won’t go away. 

Questions like:

What’s next for me?
 “What am I really here to do?”
Who am I really beyond my business identity?”
What if I really lived the life that is mine to live?”

This quest is specifically designed for members of the startup community who sense that change is coming.  Maybe they long to enrich their personal life as much as their business world. 

This life-changing experience is based on the arc of a journey of transformation in which we acknowledge what is ending, dying or being shed, so that we can more clearly see and come into what is coming forth and emerging as ourselves and our work to do in the world.  It's a journey that supports our “wholeness” as human beings, helping us to better understand and embrace parts of ourselves we may have ignored, misunderstood, hidden or judged, and the unique “artistry”, “gifts”, and “authentic voice” we have to bring forth in our lives and in our work.  

Like the “vision quest” of many indigenous cultures, this contemporary approach is rooted in dedicated time in wild nature and alone time for deep reflection. This ceremony offers an option 3 day fast with a 2 day solo and the guides will expertly support the changes that occur as participants return to the life they left behind.




Jim Marsden and Jade Sherer are expert guides with years of experience supporting leaders and businesses.

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Jim Marsden is a wilderness guide, executive coach, and facilitator of organizational development for start-up businesses and organizations of all types. His specific area of expertise is in the human experience of transformative change in which our underlying center of gravity and sense of identity lets go of the old and gives way to the new - from which we then begin our next part of living and step further into our own artistry. His work has been in many contexts including start-ups, corporations, education systems, health care, government, conducted within board rooms, startup floor space, wild backwoods, majestic mountaintops and desert canyons. Jim holds a Masters in Organizational Management, holds degrees in engineering and physics and is a senior coach and L&D specialist at Reboot. Jim lives with his wife in Boulder, CO and has two wonderful daughters who are making their mark in the world.

Jade Sherer has devoted her life to showing up to support others as they navigate the small and large transitions of their lives. For more than twenty years she has guided others in nature-based transformational processes and ceremonies and has been a mentor to hundreds of people as they have listened for what is next in their lives and how they might they bring their integrity and authentic genius alive and accessible for the world.  Jade is currently coaching, and creating and facilitating custom programs for audiences around the world from philanthropists to students to women over 50. She guided at Animas Valley Institute for 15 years and went on to initiate and train new guides there.





"The dark night of the soul
comes just before revelation.
When everything is lost, and all seems darkness,
then comes the new life
and all that is needed.”  

~Joseph Campbell


The quest is limited to 10 participants.


If you have any questions, please reach out to Jim or Jade:  - 720-308-1618 - 801-300-0126

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