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Women's Mochila Initiative

Remembering Our Original Essence

The Mother Earth Calls Her Daughters to UNITY

for the Healing
of the Feminine and Nature

Each year, 18 women from around the world will be invited to heed the call of the Mother as a response to their own quest to consecrate the Feminine, with the volition to acknowledge, release, heal, restore and reclaim the Feminine Principles.

Consecrating the Feminine is understanding and healing the sacred in Nature, creating a personal, permanent change affecting all dimensions of life, made visible in the Water, the Earth, the Fire and the Air, clean and pure for future generations.

Instructed by Elders (Four Peoples of the Earth) from the Heart of the World, La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, whose mission is to sustain and maintain Universal balance on Earth these Feminine Principles should be given and received in complementarity, with responsibility and coherency.

 Image:  YES Magazine

Beginning this year with a  4–day intensive, June 17–22, 2017 (Summer Solstice) on the sacred lands and Spiritual Offices (Sacred Sites) of beautiful Earthstar in Norwood CO these women will gather to initiate their 4 year commitment to these principles.

If something in these words strikes a chord in your heart please contact Earthstar to receive more information about this unique opportunity.

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