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Spring Cleansing Juice Fast

Start your spring fresh with a juice fast weekend.  

Acknowledge the returning light of the season and rise into the renewal energy of spring by supporting your body with a nurturing cleanse for optimal well being.

Experience this cleansing retreat to stimulate your rising energy within. Supported with daily yoga classes, meditation and massage therapy. Nutritional coaching and cleansing information will also be provided.

Delicious, fresh organic juices and teas will be prepared by knowledgeable and experienced health practitioners for specific cleansing results. Restorative yoga, meditation, rest, massage (by appointment) and time in nature will all be available to deeply support the process.

Registration Cost: $250.00

Registration Deadline March 17


Package Includes:

Lodging for 2 nights in a beautiful, serene mountain setting. Juices, teas, and pre and post-cleanse soups, and tonics for all meals. Please note: massage will be available by advance appointment and will be billed separately depending on length and and style of session.

About the cleanse: 

Beginning at dinner on Friday and ending with a late lunch on Sunday, this cleanse will focus on renewing the body through the process of cleansing through juice fasting. Fresh, organic juices and teas will be prepared by knowledgeable and experienced health practitioners for specific cleansing results for all meals of the entire cleanse. The two nights and one full day will be guided with personalized care and practices to help unwind and renew the body, mind, and spirit.

Restorative yoga classes will foster letting go into deep relaxation, while opportunities for meditation will help quiet the mind and usher in mental clarity.

Therapeutic massage will also be available to assist the body’s natural detoxification process to support total relaxation.

The beautiful surroundings of Earthstar will enhance your experience by providing a place of quiet retreat in nature that will inspire inner reflection and renewal. Immersing oneself in a retreat setting is a unique experience that can not only enhance the results of a cleanse, but provide support in a safe, guided setting that will be shared with others.

Why Cleanse?

Spring is the perfect time to cleanse the body of any residual dullness or heaviness from the winter months. Why? As the seasons change, so do our bodies. When we do not acknowledge the transitions of the seasons we are inviting in illness, fatigue, and even feelings of depression. Spring is a time to renew ourselves with food and activities that energize, recharge, and cleanse.

A juice fast is a great way to nurture and support the body by giving it a “reset.” Juice cleansing has many health benefits such as: purifying the blood, detoxing the liver, increased energy, letting go of habits that no longer serve you, and offering greater spiritual awareness. It gives the body a much needed break so that it can properly renew and detox as the cleansing process improves the functioning of all the organs and digestive tract by improving well-being on every level – mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Cleansing is also the perfect time to incorporate methods of healing the body and spirit by practicing yoga, meditation, receiving massage, and immersing oneself in nature to calm the mind. Many people experience feelings of lightness, increased mental clarity, positivity, and calmness after a period of cleansing.

Did You Know?

Some of the earliest plants to arrive in Springtime are those of Dandelion and Burdock, both of which are incredibly nourishing for the liver. Since Spring is the season of the liver, it is not surprising that nature provides us with these plants to assist us in cleansing this critical organ. Of all the organs, the liver is the most critical to cleanse in Spring as it is responsible for purifying the body of excess toxins that build up during Winter. These excess toxins often manifest in the body by creating illness and stagnation. Consuming teas and/or tinctures of these plants in the Spring will greatly enhance your ability to assist the liver in creating optimal wellness in the body so that you can feel lighter, happier, and have more energy!

Lead Facilitator:


Rachel Gallien, Raw Food Chef, Turtle Lake Refuge.

Rachel has been a raw food chef for Turtle Lake Refuge since 2011. She studied wild food harvesting and holistic health practices under Katrina Blair, author and founder of Turtle Lake Refuge.  Rachel has been practicing yearly raw juice fast cleanses with the support of wild plants for the past ten years and is happy to now be facilitating the rejuvenating practice with others!  


Sample Schedule:  

7:00 Alkalizing morning tonic with electrolytes

7:30 Restorative yoga 

8:30 Hot tea bar & Group blending of morning green drink (30 minutes to make)

9:30 seated at the table for Nourish Body Nourish Mind presentation by Aama Questions and Answers discussion

10:00 Free Time - lemon ginger water

11:30 Pranayama exercise

12:00 Hot tea bar & Group blending mid-day drink (30 minutes to make)

1:30 seated at the table Nourish Body Nourish Mind presentation and discussion

2:00 Art project, journaling, time in nature, hot tub, nap time

3:00 Group blend mid-afternoon drink (30 minutes to make)

4:00 Nourish Body Nourish Mind presentation 

4:30 Free time - Wheatgrass juice

Art project, journaling, time in nature, hot tub, nap time

5:30 Restorative yoga - Sunset meditation

Group blend evening drink (30 minutes to make)

7:00 group check-in, sharing experiences of the day


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