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Embody Workshop

A Retreat to:


Relax   ~   Rejuvenate   ~   Renew    ~   Re-Align   ~   Re-Awaken

Yoga ~ SuperFoods ~ Gorgeous Nature Walk ~ 100% Organic Plant-based cuisine ~ Live Music ~ Transformation ~ Connection ~ Play


Your Facilitators:

 Deb Buck, Master Herbalist, Yoga Teacher, Mother, Healer.  

 Derek Van Atta, Founder, Sarvaa SuperFoods, & Author of Your Abundance Now! 

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Embrace the autumn season with conscious cultivation of intentional practices, connection and playfulness to create deep transformation.

Come home to inner equilibrium, and relax into your abundant true nature.

 About WhiteFeather Herbals and Deb Buck:


Deb Buck is a Master Herbalist, and fully Embodied Yoga Instructor

She brings depth, wisdom, shamanic/yogic energy to every Yoga Class and every Wild Plant Walk session.


Through teaching yoga and plant medicine, Deb enjoys fusing devotion, strength, integrity, and grace in order to inspire contagious enthusiasm in service to Mother Earth.

As a yoga teacher, Deb finds full enjoyment in yoga which combines strength, flexibility, breath and mindfulness. Deb embraces yoga practice as something that can nourish our spiritual way of life and facilitates pathways back to our true nature. Her specialty is to encourage students toward self-exploration through their connection to nature and exploring how yoga practice can be a metaphor for how we choose to be in life. She loves to blend the teachings of the plants, our relationship to the natural world and the physical practice of yoga. Deb teaches yoga at Yogadurango in Durango, CO. and travels to teach in different states and countries periodically. She has trained with the amazing teachers through Yogadurango and with Indira Kate Kalmbach at the Pavones Yoga Center in Costa Rica, and Bhavani Maki in Kauai, Hawaii.

As an herbalist, Deb has an incredible devotion for facilitating the transmission and reception of plant medicine in the oral tradition.  Her curiosity drives her to dig deep, to embark on the adventures of creating relationships with our plant relatives and to seek out those that had the knowledge, the wisdom keepers. She has learned with Elders/Wisdom Keepers from around the globe. Deb’s dedication in her work is to facilitate the transfer of the messages of the Earth and the voices of the plants to create space for building lifelong relationships with the plants. She has been working intimately with the plants for 10+ years building, learning, teaching and practicing. Her daily intention is to continue to learn to live more harmoniously with all sentient beings.

Deb is a mother to a wonderful son.

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About Sarvaa SuperFood and Derek Van Atta:


Founder Sarvaa SuperFoods, and Author of Your Abundance Now!


What will I learn from Derek at this Retreat?


Derek will teach two fun and lively classes. Each class will include two primary themes:

1. Surprising, unknown tips and secrets about how you can integrate SuperFoods easily into your life, in your unique way (not some one-size-fits-all approach) and radically enhance your health and empower you to be totally vibrant and full of vitality every day! 

2. The fun and yet profound "inner-game" of SuperFood. As important as the food we eat is, we can easily forget that the mental, emotional, spiritual aspect of eating is equally important. The thoughts and feelings we entertain while we: A. shop for food,  B. prepare our meals, C. chew each bite, D. and then sit and absorb the energy and information contained in the physical food, and contained in our thought and feelings, are absolutely amazingly powerful in enhancing our lives! And we'll practice this fine art together and share insights, and as a group we'll co-create a new and happier way to be around food, health and well-being. We'll literally create synergy and magic together!


Don'f forget, there's only one thing that truly amplifies everything you're up to in your life. What is this "one thing"? It's your health and Well-Being! Your health is your wealth! Your vitality is your foundation. Your Well-Being empowers everything .... your sleep, your work, your love-life, your business, your hobbies, your passions!  


Everything in your life is dependent on your energy and availability to fully show up. Everything in your life is either hindered, or enhanced by your health and well-being!  Derek is absolutely committed to helping you find your "sweet spot". He loves to be your ally and guide as you navigate your ultimate path that is unique to you! And then watch how your greater aliveness will naturally and effortlessly spread into every corner of your life! 


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Retreat Also Includes:


Four Hatha and Restorative Yoga Sessions

Central American Style Cacao Ceremony

Two Inspirational Superfood talks,

Authentic Movement

Guided Meditation

Wild Plant Walks

 Live Improvisational Music

 Derek Van Atta and Joshua Hoffman will lead a light-hearted, yet profound musical experience designed to serenade you into a delightful state of higher consciousness and invite you to melt into your most delicious, divine, true nature.  Introducing Josh Hoffman, lead singer and songwriter of Elder Grown.

Earlier Event: September 16
Singing Bowls II
Later Event: October 28
Dark Chasing the Light