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Dark Chasing the Light

Cost ~ $

This 3-day retreat and deep immersion apprenticeship introduces community and healing practitioners to the earliest forms of Eco-Psychology and Community Animation--Seeing for the People and the Planet.

We will design Group-Created Mentorship and Ritual Transformational Ceremony meant to honor this powerful time of the Seasonal Cycle.  Divinitory Spirits and cosmic energies were said to be available during Samhain, the Celtic Celebration of New Year and Alla Helgones Dag. This is the traditional time in the Cycle of the Seasons to Honor the Ancestors and Spirits of Place. It is a time to lay our burdens down and beckon Fate and give thanks for the passing year.

YOU WILL EXPERIENCE:  Introductory Teachings on the Wisdom of the Runes--the sacred divination alphabet of the Vikings, Anglo-Saxons and other Northern European indigenous groups. You will share in the newly-available oracular and profound intuitive medicine traditions of 2,200-plus years of tribal healing. Marcie has studied with Swedish and Icelandic traditional culture-bearers and participated in ritual at sacred Scandinavian sites and places of power. As one of the few international transpersonal ethnographers, ecopsychotherapists, holistic historians and mythographers to participate in the re-awakening of this lineage, Marcie will draw you into the ancient story-telling and Norse Saga traditions.

Discover the power of Yggdrasil, the World Tree. Reclaim the ancient meaning of Wyrd as it applies to our contemporary lives and environmental advocacy. An over-view of the sacred art of the Seidr-Worker, Spa'Kona or the Ancient Seers and Healers will also be part of this fascinating review and re-creation of ancient teachings.  

Altars Everywhere--the Sacred Marriage to the Land and Place Spirit generates sacred offerings and ritual on the land at Earthstar. We will build sacred sites to our Ancestors and Indigenous Spirits.

We will practice Utiseta, the Norse form of vision-questing and sending up a voice for guidance and teachings.

We will honor, bless and offer gratitude to all of those family members whose teachings flow through us. We will build a Stone Ship, the ancient Viking tradition of creating a "shamanic spirit canoe", or group ritual environment honoring sacred Endings and Beginnings.


1-hour personal RuneQuest Readings and Spiritual Mission Coaching sessions will be offered--$50 suggested donation.

WHAT ARE THE RUNES? The Runes are an ancient Germanic and Norse alphabet, believed to have been in use in Northern Europe for over 2,000 years. In Viking times, the Runes were carved into wood, bone or stones. The Old Norse meaning of the word "rune" is "to whisper the Mysteries."  There are 24 symbols in the Elder Futhark, Anglo Saxon or "Viking" rune alphabet.

Each symbol relates to an ancient saga or poem form the Eddas, an 8th Century collection of the Norsemen's and women's travels to Iceland, Greenland and North America. These stories include the interaction of the Norse gods and goddesses with humans, are filled with powerful natural forces, courage and mystery.

Each of the 24 runes symbols has many meanings and identifies specific actions, energies and guidance for those who enter into the RuneQuest.

By casting (throwing) or drawing runes from a bag or a tray, the questioner may ask for directions or information on the next best step in his or her life. The RuneQuest Seers (traditionally often women) assist the questioner in interpreting the specific meaning of this rune, relating it to his or her personal life and intentions for the future.

The RuneQuest is meant to be an interesting and evocative experience and is drawn from the indigenous Wisdom practices of Northern Europe. It is believed that, through the RuneQuest we may also begin to understand how the universal Wyrd or Influences of Destiny weave from our ancestors through our individual lives and on into the future.

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