Find Inner Peace


"The River of life is flowing all around you, in it you live and move and have your being. It is the supply found in nature from which your sacred seed may draw to unfold within you the pattern of your Grand Cosmic Self. Your sacred seed, your spark of life awaits only the cooperation of your totally-still heart center. Concentrate on its presence, feel it, enjoy the silky flow as it gushes up from the deep well of your soul. Life is a joyous, singing river ever surging onward."                        

                                                                Ruby Nelson, The Door of Everything

The benefits of adding a mindfulness practice to your retreat experience is invaluable. Quiet the mind, stretch, align your body and breath. This helps us to ground and center, stimulating mental clarity and then enhancing the work being done apart from the practice. Earthstar has a beautiful outdoor yoga and meditation deck, clean and comfortable yoga props and meditation cushions.  Contact us to arrange for meditation class to be a part of your retreat.