Come Work With Earthstar

Are you interested in joining our team?

Earthstar is actively looking for dedicated staff, interns and volunteers who are interested in being a part of our journey. If you would like to share your talents with us, gain knowledge of sustainable agriculture, or lend a hand, please contact us.

22.  Speak a little about what what the working environment is like...  what your values are, how you treat your team (NVC is practiced, etc), why someone would want to work here... what are the benefits of Earthstar over other jobs... 

Work Opportunities

23. List the possible job opportunities available

Volunteer / Intern Opportunities

During the summer months from May through October, work/trade positions are available for permaculture gardening, greenhouse care, building and trail work.

Accommodations are in the tent village supplemented by the community house for meals, showers and laundry. Four hours of work each day is required in exchange for meals and lodging. 

Please email your interests in helping out, dates you are available to work and what you're good at doing for our consideration and planning.

24. List the possible volunteer opportunities available