Bike Telluride

Whether you are an avid cyclist, mountain biker or simply a lover of good old fashioned physical activity in the out-of-doors, Telluride is one of the best places in the world get out on a bike.  During your stay at Earthstar you might want to consider renting a bike and exploring the mountains on your own or joining an experienced guide on a personal tour catered to your skill level and interests.  Check out the sections below for more information.  



According to local legend, Travis Young, “The roads (around Telluride) are world-class". There isn’t a lot of shoulder, so it can make some people uncomfortable, but most of the people that drive here are aware of cyclists.”

There are essentially 3 advanced rides and one family friendly ride.

1. From Telluride, you can go S/SW over Lizard Head Pass (~15 mi) and keep going down the other side to Rico (another 15 mi) or Stoner (20 more miles) and back.

2. Go west out of Telluride down the hill to Placerville (16 mi). From Placerville, you can go west to Norwood (17 mi from Placerville)

3. Go east over Dallas Divide and north toward Montrose (50 mi from Placerville).

All of these are nice rides on lightly trafficked roads (except the stretch between Telluride and Placerville which may be busy during rush hours) and include some great climbing.

4. Bike Path This family friendly path starts in Telluride at the intersection of Davis and Colorado. It parallels Highway 145, eventually connecting to the Galloping Goose Trail and Upper Valley Floor in Lawson Hill.  3.4 miles

Or you can make a complete loop of the Valley Floor by connecting with the west end of the San Miguel River Trail on the south side of the Valley Floor.  2.2 miles.


Mountain Biking

Trail riding in telluride is "world-class".  

Telluride is surrounded by an extensive network of single track bike trails and old mining roads great for every skill level from beginners to the most advanced riders. Push the limits on one of Telluride’s classic single track trails, or take a scenic ride on Telluride’s valley floor alongside the San Miguel River. 

Be sure to bring proper supplies and emergency gear to handle the wide array of mountain conditions and natural hazards you may experience here.


Guided Bike Rides

If you want to head into the mountains but aren't certain you want to go alone or  you'd just prefer a local expert show you around the best trails, hire a skilled guide.  Choose from any of our local companies below.