At Earthstar, we model regenerative practices and lifestyles that reconnect people to themselves, to each other and to the natural world by growing our own food, creating solar energy, recycling and living in harmony with the Earth.

The center is designed to support teachers and healers offering various gifts to share with those seeking optimal well being. Earthstar extends hospitality to guests, students and teachers alike providing healthful services that facilitate spiritual evolution individually, collectively and for the planet as a whole.


Bringing people together to staff and reside with various gifts, talents and skills to share in the fields of health, wellness, permaculture and ecology.

Growing organic permaculture gardens and kitchen greenhouse to feed all present. Preserving original seeds and cultivating rich soil. 

Nourishing guests with only the highest quality foods locally grown and organic.

Modeling conservation, deep ecology, and respect for Gaia and all sentient beings.

Manifesting abundance to sustain, restore, build and co-create an eco-village.